HP Rugby


High Performance Rugby comes from champion traits.

What are MANA champion traits?

An environment with Humility, Respect, Integrity and Honesty where success becomes a natural by-product of that positive space

• The 1% compound effect when every player in our tribe will improve +1% every day.

• Everything we do matters, no matter how small it may seem

• 5 P’s:

  • Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performances

After each championship win:

√ We acknowledge it BUT then the next day we review it and go back to work.

√ Any loss is not failure, it is a chance to become even more humble, learn and become a stronger tribe.

Our culture is deep, honest, and respectful.

• Our tribe keeps everyone accountable and requires everyone to do their role for us to function.

• Our tribe helps raise the player

• RESPECT “It’s better to walk into a room and go to the back then be asked to go to the front than go straight to the front and be asked to go to the back”

• Big sister or brother game reviews system

• Keep moving & innovating, this helps losing teams become winners & and winning teams become consistent champions.

• Stay balanced as a group & individually when winning or losing.

• Keep coaching our best players (not presume they are ok), they need to keep improving as well as the newest player as this creates great humility in a club.

• Create a feeling of importance around what we are trying to achieve (Theme’s)

• Understand habits & how to create positive habits

• Have the same training methods, warmups, game systems, calls, & codes from U12 – U18

“Life lessons through rugby”