MANA delivers the highest preparation for youth rugby players. A place to receive and accomplish high performance rugby and to compete in the elite competition. The cost of such training is expensive. MANA was created to give the many families and their players a place to train without the high cost. Helping those less fortunate the opportunity in receiving the same training. All child boys and girls deserve an opportunity to compete in having the same tools regardless of their financial state.  

MANA is an affordable international class formation program for players and staff, providing young people with the opportunity to grow and flourish individually and as a group in a supportive and positive environment. MANA is designed to help identify and facilitate the formation of players aged 12-18 who have demonstrated behaviors and characteristics to become an Elite player of the future.

MANA not only builds the players rugby but most important life lessons. Building the leaders of tomorrow today. Guiding and mentoring of youth with positive influences being productive and respective citizens.    

MANA is a place and a home to learn the many cultures and basic language of the Pacific
Islands. With thousands of islands, all having their own native tongue and culture. Being part of MANA is being part of a village. A place of respect, courtesy, order, faith, unity, and love for one another. We learn rugby, we learn life lessons and we learn the native language and culture of the Pacific Islands.

“Life lessons through rugby”